Our Biggest Showcase Yet

A celebration of love to some, an affirmation of the single life for others, either way, we think we've got the soundtrack for it.

Megan Hopkins, Jenn Cristy, Camby Road, and Cosmic Preachers are set to make your night memorable.

In keeping with the holiday, we are suggesting semi-formal attire ... jackets and little black dresses, if you catch the meaning ... though obviously you're free to wear whatever your tradition requires.

Make plans to support your local music scene and be a part of this great night of music and talent.

Tickets on Sale Now

Support your favorite artist by purchasing tickets directly from them. Alternatively, get discount tickets via Paypal by clicking the button below.

Discount Options

Yeah, sure you can also buy from Ticketmaster outlets, or ticketmaster.com if you feel safer that way, but why pay face value (PLUS an additional 34% in fees and services charges THOSE goons tack on) when you can directly help put gas in the tank of your favorite musician?

Introducing Black Market Binary at Podconcert #3. Indy In-Tune brings together a ukelele-playing folk/rock songwriter and a rock/rap artist and producer to form an experimental electronic/industrial band.

The Podconcert Series

Our Podcast Concert series is all about crossover. Each showcase takes six acts with a slightly different, but relatable, style and audience. The goal is to build enthusiasm with a rich bill of talent, introduce similar bands to each other, and hopefully, intermix and introduce audiences to bands they may like, but would not otherwise have heard play -- all for a reasonable cover charge at a top-quality venue.

Showcases generally include acoustic solo singer/songwriters, small groups, and full-blown electric bands playing anything from folk-rock, to mainstream pop, to hardcore hip hop and punk (depending on the night -- check the links on this page if you're concerned about what you might be getting into). The typical audience is a mix of all ages and walks of life, just as the bands are usually a mix of up-and-coming artists and long-time veterans of the scene. Like Indy In-Tune Radio, the host and primary sponsor of the event, you may not know what the next act will bring, but you can be assured it is local, original, and high-quality.

We are always looking for artists to play on future shows and would love to hear about your music. So, here's the business side of things...

  1. All genres and levels of experience will be considered. Your ordering in the lineup will be determined by these factors.
  2. You are asked to play a 40 minute set of all original music. The bill is full and it's a very tight switchover, so it is especially important for these gigs that you be ready to play on time and do not play over your allotted slot. The exception is the last band of the evening, who is traditionally allowed to play as long as they like, and as long as people are still getting into the music.
  3. This is a paying gig. Your payment will be the sum of your ticket sales (you may charge whatever you like for individual tickets) plus 1/6th of the door admissions collected after house fees are covered.
  4. Indy In-Tune will provide posters, calendars, and event pages for you to use.
  5. You are asked to help promote and bring people of your own to add to the crowd we have already built for these shows.
  6. You are free to sell your own CDs and other merchandise at the show.
  7. Indy In-Tune will record and edit all performances for future broadcast or podcast downloads.

If all of the above sounds reasonable to you, then please fill out the form below and introduce yourself.

Artist Name:
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* Genres: (Hold down CTRL key to select multiple genres)
Web Site: http://
MySpace: http://myspace.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/
Reverb Nation: http://reverbnation.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/
YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/user/
Bandcamp: http://.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/
Other URL: http://
Anything you'd like to add that we need to know about you?

If all of the above fail, click here.

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